Seaside Narrow-Gauge Railway (Nadmorska Kolej Wąskotorowa)


  • Train station in Rewal
  • Train in summertime
  • Children's Day at train
  • Train station in Rewal

The stunning Seaside Narrow-Gauge Railway takes its beginning at the end of the 19th century, when the Prussian Parliament (which used to rule this part of Poland those days) passed a resolution on building the first private railway. Initially, the gauge was 750 mm. However, after reconstruction in 1912 it was widen to 1000 mm. The dynamic development of the railway in the previous century contributed to the bloom of economy in the region of West Pomerania.

Nowadays the length of the route is  40 km which stands for about 22% of the old line. The train runs on two routes: Pogorzelica-Trzęsacz and Pogorzelica-Trzęsacz-Gryfice. The railway leads through picturesque landscapes of the municipalities of Gryfice, Karnice and Rewal. The coach is powered by either a diesel-locomotive Lxd2 or steam locomotive Px48 lent to the railway by the Warsaw Railway Museum. The steam locomotive (sometimes tenderly called ‘kettle’) built in already non-existent factory in Chrzanow is a great tourist attraction by itself.

The railway is probably the most active one in Poland in terms of organising and participating in various events. In September 2015 it was awarded as the main tourist attraction in the Gryfice region.


  • Distance – 10 km
  • Approximated duration – 0:35 h
  • Frequency – about 5 per day*
  • Price – 18 PLN (normal ticket)


  • Distance – 40 km
  • Approximated duration – 1:54 h
  • Frequency – from Trzesacz to Gryfice and from Gryfice to Trzesacz there is only one train per day*
  • Price – 12 PLN (normal ticket)

* May-September; regular routes are not provided in other months, however special group rides may be scheduled throughout the year

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