Interrail - turn for Warsaw


  • Koleje Mazowieckie's train
  • Long-distance train at Central Warsaw station
  • SKM's train

Once you got to Cracow, you need to see the successive and current Poland’s capital. Warsaw has much to offer. On the one hand it is one of the most significant cultural carrier, used to be called as either ‘Jerusalem of the North’ or ‘Paris of the North’, with regard to its sizeable Jewish population and many splendid pieces of architecture. On the other hand Warsaw has been a vibrant modern city, full of various kinds of entertainment. Here tradition meets future at every step.

Warsaw is the largest interchange in the country with plenty of international trains stopping in. Central Warsaw (Warszawa Centralna) is the primary railway station in the capital.  Here you find both long and short distance trains offered by the regional and national  carriers. If you choose to reach Warsaw by plane, there are special lines S2 and S3 from Chopin Airport via centre of the city. Both are carried by SKM (Szybka Kolej Miejska). There is also a dedicated line between Chopin Airport and Warsaw Modlin Airport. Details are provided below.

How to distinguish SKM from Koleje Mazowieckie? Look at the colours - Koleje Mazowieckie's trains are yellow-white-green while SKM's train are yellow-red.

Warsaw Chopin Airport – Central Warsaw by SKM or Koleje Mazowieckie (KM)

  • Price - 3,40 PLN (normal ticket valid for 20 minutes)*
  • Distance - 13 km
  • Approximated duration – 0:20 h
  • Frequency – about every hour for both carriers which stands for about every 30 minutes
  • Seat reservation – no

* tickets are valid in both SKM and KM trains, you simply need to validate them. If there is no validator in the train (in case of older coaches) contact train’s staff

Modlin Airport – Central Warsaw by Koleje Mazowieckie’s special train + Koleje Mazowieckie’s bus from the train station in Modlin to the airport

  • Price – 27 PLN (train) + 5 PLN (bus)
  • Distance – 45 km
  • Approximated duration – 1:00 h
  • Frequency – about every hour for train and about every 20-30 minutes for bus
  • Seat reservation – no
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