PKP PLK price list remains unchanged for the 2023/2024 timetable


Polish infrastructure manager PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. informed the President of Office of Rail Transport that in the next timetable 2023/2024 they will apply the unit rates for use of railway infrastructure used in the previous timetable 2022/2023.

The possibility to apply the price list in force in the previous timetable results from Article 33(22) of the Railway Transport Act 2003. According to this provision, the infrastructure manager may decide not to develop a draft price list, or part of it. In such case, the price list which was in force during the previous annual train timetable shall be applied. The infrastructure manager is only obliged to inform the President of Office of Rail Transport about their decision and update the network statement regarding the price list.

Moreover, PKP PLK updated Network Statement for timetable 2023/2024 in the part concerning the price list as amendment no. 4 of Network Statement of 7 November 2022. The current content of the Network Statement and information on the amendment has been published on PKP PLK's website

The average unit rate of the basic charge depending on the weight of the train and the category of the railway line will be PLN 8.01/train-km (in passenger transport PLN 6.31/train-km, in freight transport PLN 12.77/train-km). The average unit shunting fee for vehicles using traction energy will be PLN 3.66/train-km and for vehicles using other type of traction - PLN 3.37/train-km. The manager will also not charge mark-ups in the next timetable.

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