Safety notifications: how we create safe railways together


In 2020 440 notifications regarding railway traffic safety were submitted to the Office of Rail Transport. After receiving a safety notification, immediate steps are taken to verify it, including intervention or supervisory measures. Notifications submitted to the Office of Rail Transport allow for continuous improvement of railway traffic safety.

In 2020 the majority of notifications (171) was related to technical condition and maintenance of infrastructure and adjacent grounds. Notifications in this category are prevailing over the years. It confirms the legitimacy of recognizing this issue as one of the supervisory priorities of the Office of Rail Transport. Technical condition and maintenance of railway vehicles are the second category of safety notifications (51 notifications), which are the subject of increased supervision. Launched in 2020 Bezpiecznik application (which means fuse or safety switch) contributed to increased influx of notifications received by the Office.

- By taking immediate actions in response to submitted safety notifications, we eliminate a potential threat to railway traffic safety. All signals are important. This is why we make it easy to report potential irregularities. In addition to an online form and our hotline, we have launched Bezpiecznik application, which allows to easily send information by phone – says Ignacy Góra, President of the Office of Rail Transport.

Each notification submitted to the Office of Rail Transport is thoroughly analysed in order to select adequate measures needed for verification, i.e. whether the additional information or supervisory activities are needed or it should be handed over to other authorities. If a supervisory actions is necessary, it is executed immediately to verify safety issues reported in a notification. After carrying out supervisory action and collecting evidence, a reply is provided to a person who reported the issue, if they wish it.

Notifications regarding railway traffic safety may be submitted by multiple channels: via an online form on our website (in Polish), our hotline +48 22 749 15 85, traditional mail, ePUAP platform, as well as to our e-mail address . An application for mobile phones is also available and allows for a quick transfer of information about irregularities and dangerous situations. Bezpiecznik application can be downloaded for phones with iOS and Android systems.

Safety notifications to UTK in 2012-2020
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