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Almost 70% of 5.5 thousand passengers, who decided to fill out a questionnaire prepared by the Office of Rail Transport (Pol. Urząd Transportu Kolejowego, UTK), like to travel by rail. They have positively assessed the handling of passengers, increasing level of provided services or modern rolling stock. UTK has prepared a detailed analysis of the answers provided in the questionnaire. The report presents advice directed at infrastructure and station managers, as well as carriers on what needs to be improved. It is the more essential during the current epidemic state, as railway undertakings need to again convince the passengers of using their services.

For the first time in its history UTK has conducted such a survey among passengers. Based on it we have aimed to gather opinions and assessments on ticket sales, travel comfort, service quality, safety, transfer offer or facilities for persons with disabilities or reduced mobility. Its goal has been to gain the knowledge on how the passengers view the quality of services offered by railway undertakings and their preferences with regard to the choice of this mode of transport, but also the assessment of attractiveness of railways as compared to other means of transport.

The survey was completed by 5646 respondents. The biggest number were persons travelling by rail every day, to/from work and school (56.6%). The survey comprised 50 questions.

Responses show that - among other things - the most decisive factor when it comes to the choice of railway services has been the duration of travel (72.5%). Further factors are: comfort (62.6%), price (62.3%) and safety (58.4%). Localisation of stations has been marked as the least important factor - 71.1% of answers describing this aspect as non-essential.

- I am convinced that the safety travel aspect will be the most important one for passengers in coming months. So that the passengers again choose railways as a great means of transport, the passenger carriers should constantly undertake to improve the quality of their services. The report by UTK on the survey completed by more than 5 thousand passengers should help to indicate areas, which need further improvement - claims Mr. Ignacy Góra, Ph.D, the President of UTK.

In 2019 almost 50% of respondents positively assessed the safety level at stations and platforms. They have indicated that the biggest level of safety is to be found on board of trains - 62% of satisfied and most satisfied passengers and only 14% of dissatisfied ones. The number of persons who have negatively assessed the safety level rose with regard to waiting rooms and passenger check-in areas - almost 20%. All in all the respondents have assessed the safety level with regard to railway services as high. It is the more important as it shows a positive tendency of a declining safety threat level while travelling bay rail.

- We are also pleased that so many passengers have used this opportunity to transmit their views and expectations, but also express their opinions on passenger transfers, especially answering open form questions. This shows that the passengers await an increase in the standard of currently provided services in certain scopes. And also that they very carefully monitor all changes in the railway sector - remarks Mr. Góra.

Information stemming from the survey allows for determination of areas which - according to passengers - require the biggest improvement. The data also provides valuable source of information for UTK when it comes to issuing opinions on transport plans and public service contracts presented by the organisers of public transport. The survey's results will also be of use for all market participants so that they can effectively strive for the fulfillment of passengers' expectations.

You can find the report under this link (Polish version only).

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