July 2020 transfer results


The number of passengers in July 2020 amounted to almost 19 million. That's 9 million less than in July of 2019. When compared with transfer service numbers for previous months of 2020 one can see the decrease of COVID-19 influence on the number of passengers. Freight transfers reached the level of almost 18.5 million tonnes - 1.9 million tonnes (9.2%) less than in July of 2019.

Passenger transfers

Almost 19 million passengers travelled by rail in July. That's 32% less that in July 2019. However, when comparing month-to-month results, one can witness a return of passengers to using of railway services. In May the decline was at the level of 66%, and in June - 47% when comparing year to year. In July the transfer and operational service numbers reached highest values in the previous 5 months. Transfer service amounted to almost 1.4 billion passenger-kilometres (decline by 38% in comparison to July 2019), and operational service - to 14.5 million train-kilometres (decline by 4.3%, comparing year to year). Taking into account June 2020 data one can observe the rise in the number of passengers by almost 4.4 million (almost 30%). Transfer service on the other hand rose by 484 million passenger-kilometres (55%).

Also noticeable is the rise of passenger's interest in long-distance travel. The biggest long-distance carrier has significantly increased the number of trains for the summer vacation period, what has caused the bigger number of train-kilometres.

- July 2020 results have shown that railways still help realise our vacation plans and allows for reaching the vacation destination. A bigger number of trains also allows for a bigger level of railway safety - comments the results Mr. Ignacy Góra, Ph.D., the President of the Office of Rail Transport.

After seven months of 2020 the total number of passengers has amounted to 123 million, transfer service - to 7.4 billion passenger-kilometres and operational service - to 88.5 million train-kilometres. These values have been lower in comparison to the corresponding period of last year by 35.2%, 41.1% and 10% respectively.

Full details of passenger transfers can be found in the Passenger transfer statistics section of UTK's website.

Freight transfers

Almost 18.5 million tonnes of goods were transported in July 2020. Transfer service reached the level of 4.3 billion tonne-kilometres and operational service - 6.5 million train-kilometres. With regard to the last figure it has been the highest since the beginning of 2020. However, when comparing to July 2019, this parametre was lower by 6.6%. Transfer service fell by 10.9%.

The results with regard to the 7 months of 2020 are 123,7 million tonnes, 28.8 billion tonne-kilometres and 42.7 million train-kilometres. These values - in comparison to the corresponding period of last year - fell by 10.7%, 12.9% and 11.5% respectively.

- One has been able to observe a falling level of demand for freight transfers since the beginning of 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has not had such a negative impact on the freight transfers as it has on passenger transfers. Data received from individual carriers show the attempts to adjust to the situation - says Mr. Góra. - There's however risk that the freight transfer results will reach the lowest levels in the last 10 years. The negative trend may reverse the development of intermodal transport and force the carriers to search for new markets - adds Mr. Góra.

Average travel distance with regard to freight transfers during the last 7 months amounted to 233 km and was by 6 km lower in comparison to the corresponding period of last year.

The freight transfer results can be found on the Freight transfer statistics website.

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