High results for passenger rail


In the first half of 2017, the number of passengers exceeded 150 m. This is the highest result for the last 10 years. Each month of 2017 (excluding February) the number of passengers got the level of more than 25 m. In 2016 the average monthly number of passengers was at the level of 24.4 m.

153.3 m passengers used railways for their journeys from January to June 2017. A close to this level result was seen last time in the first half of 2008 (145 m). While comparing June 2017 to June 2016, the results for the number of passengers and transport performance got better by 5.6% and 12.1%. Also the average distance increased by 4 km to the level of 70 km, proving the higher interest to long-distance journeys.

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