Summary of 2016 on rail - the passenger transport market


In 2016 the general number of passengers on rail (292.4 m) increased by 4.3% compared to 2015, which is the best result after 2002 (304.1 m). In recent years the number of passengers was at the level of 260-280 million.

The general result of transport performance in 2016 (19.2 bn passenger-kilometers) for rail passenger market increased by 9.9% compared to 2015.
In 2016 there was also a significant increase (11.5%) in operational performance (159.9 m train-km) in comparison to 2015.

Fig. 1 Rail passenger transport - number of passengers 2008-2016
Fig. 2 Rail passenger transport – transport performance 2008-2016

Fig. 3 Rail passenger transport – operational performance 2008-2016
The increase in passenger market transport in 2016 was mainly due to new rolling stock (e.g. 40 new long-distance EMUs) and enhanced infrastructure, both allowing to run more trains. This resulted in a better time-table and more passengers being attracted by rail services The most noticeable increases are seen in the long-distance segment, rebounding after years of decline.

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