Summary of 2016 on rail - the freight transport market


In 2016 freight railway undertakings transported 222.2 m tonnes of freight. Compared to 2015, this corresponded with the decrease in the transported weight of 1.1%.

The transport performance remained at the similar level of 50.6 bn tonnes-km (0.02% increase compared to 2015), while the average distance of transport got increased from 225.1 to 227.7 km.
In 2016 there was a decrease in operational work. Freight operators performed at the level of 73.9 m train-kilometers which was  1.1%  less than last year.
In recent years the general observed trend is to transport lighter cargo at the longer distances. What becomes more important is the intermodal segment compensating partially the transport of bulk materials.

Fig. 1 Rail freight transport – weight of transported cargo 2010-2016

Fig. 2 Rail freight transport – transport performance 2010-2016

Fig. 3 Rail freight transport – operational performance 2010-2016

In recent years , a downward trend can be observed in the rail freight transport. The exception was 2011 when the big scale of infrastructural investments (caused, amongst other, by the preparation for Euro 2012 tournament) resulted in more transport of aggregate, sand and gravel.

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