Rail transport in November 2023


In November 2023 32.4 m passengers travelled by rail. This is a year-on-year increase by 1 m passengers (+3.2%). In January-November 2023 over 343 m passengers chose trains - 0.8 m more than in the whole of 2022. In November 2023 20 m tonnes of goods were carried - 0.95 m tonnes (-4.9%) less than a year ago. The transport and operational performance dropped compared to 2022.


In November 2023 the number of passengers reached 32.4 m, which is the second best monthly result in 2023. More passengers travelled in October, which was record-breaking in more than a decade.

The transport performance exceeded 2 bn pass-km – it is an increase by 0.1 bn pass-km (+3.2%) compared to November 2022. The operational performance was 15.9 m train-km and was 0.8 m (+5.1%) higher compared to November 2022.

The average distance travelled by a rail passenger in November 2023 remained at a similar level to November 2022 – at 62.1 km. However, compared to October 2023, this value decreased by 1.2 km.

In November we could see a slight seasonal decline in all parameters for passenger traffic. This trend was similar in 2021 and 2022.

In January-November 2023 343.1 m passengers travelled by rail. More passengers were carried in 11 months of 2023 than in the whole of 2022 (342.2 m). During that period the transport performance was 23.7 bn pass-km and the operational performance was 174.9 bn train-km. When compared to January-November 2022, these parameters rose by 29.9 m passengers (+9.5%), 1.9 bn pass-km in transport performance (+8.7%) and 4.5 m train-km in operational performance (+2.6%).

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In November 2023 20 m tonnes of goods were carried, which is 0.96 m tonnes less (-4.6%) than in November 2022. The transport performance was 5.2 bn tonne-km, 0.3 bn tonne-km less (-4.8%) than in November 2022. The operational performance also decreased year-on-year by 0.4 m train-km (-5.5%) to 7.1 m train-km.

The average transport distance of one tonne of goods in November 2023 was shorter by 0.6 km compared to November 2022 – 260.8 km to 260.2 km.

In January-November 2023 the total weight of goods carried reached 213.9 m tonnes, 15.7 m tonnes (-6.8%) lower than in 2022. The transport performance amounted to 56.9 bn tonne-km and decreased slightly by 0.7 bn tonne-km (-1.2%). The operational performance reached 78 m train-km and dropped by 2.2 m train-km (-2.8%) as compared to 2022.

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