November train timetable adjustment


A planned autumn adjustment to the annual train timetable came into force on Sunday 12 November 2023. Trains according to this timetable will run until 9 December this year.

During the 2022/2023 timetable the national infrastructure manager, PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A., planned four adjustments due to renovation works on railway network. This is the last change to the annual timetable.

The autumn timetable adjustment brings several changes. After the railway construction works, trains return to Busko-Zdrój. From 12 to 27 November passengers heading towards Jelenia Góra have to travel by bus on part of the route (the infrastructure manager planned works on the Janowice Wielkie - Wojanów section). New train stops will also be opened, which will make it easier for local residents to access rail transport. On the Lublin - Łuków railway line the new stop is in Łagiewniki and on the line from Białystok to Czeremcha – in Gregorowce Południowe.

Construction works which affect the organisation of train traffic will continue in numerous places on the Polish railway network. We recommend to carefully check the timetable for the specific day on which you intend to travel.

Any changes to a timetable should be announced at least 21 days before their entry into force on the infrastructure manager's website. Passenger stations’ managers are under obligation to publish a new timetable at least 10 days in advance to the introduction of a new timetable or timetable changes. Appropriate information should appear on posters or boards at train stations, platforms or passageways to platforms. The updated timetable should also be available on the rail carriers' websites, although the Polish law does not impose any specific publication dates.


PKP PLK timetable:

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Passenger carriers' websites and hotline telephone numbers are available on UTK website after you click on the logo of selected carrier:,Przewoznicy-pasazerscy.html



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