Safety alert: broken wheel in SA136 vehicle


The President of the Office of Rail Transport issued a safety alert regarding a broken wheel in a diesel multiple unit SA136-004. On January 16, 2021, when the train was running from Piła to Ulików on the railway line No. 403, a part of a wheel broke off. The investigation after this incident is still ongoing. This alert is to warn rail companies about a possible new threat to railway safety. Appropriate procedures against the manufacturer and the entity in charge of maintenance (ECM) are already instigated.

The incident occurred between Recz Pomorski and Tarnów Pomorski while the POLREGIO train was running from Piła Główna to Ulikowo. After starting the braking, the train driver heard an unusual crack and stopped the train. On the third axle, counting from the head of the train, a part of a wheel rim broke off (around 1/6 of its length).

The damaged wheel was manufactured in 2015 and mounted in early 2016 during a repair of the SA136-004 vehicle. Since then, the vehicle run was 307,063 km. The wheel wear was close to the critical values, but did not exceed the limits set in the vehicle maintenance documentation.

The causes of this incident are still unknown. In order to determine it, the wheel will be thoroughly tested by a specialized unit. Due to potential high risk associated with this incident and the fact that it may also concern other types of wheels, the President of the Office of Rail Transport decided to send a safety alert also to other national safety authorities (NSAs). This alert is issued to inform all entities responsible for maintenance of railway vehicles about this incident. It will also allow them to analyse the specifics of the vehicles they are responsible for and, if necessary, to undertake any additional actions on the basis of the maintenance management systems in place.

The safety alert and additional info is available in the Safety alerts section.


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