More comfortable trains on Polish railway routes


Almost half of carriages have already been equipped with air-conditioning. The number of train sets with access to Internet is also rising and additionally GSM signal boosters are installed on board of trains. The travel comfort in trains increases what is supported by data concerning the equipment of the rolling stock.

The summary of data as of the end of 2019, regarding the equipment of passenger trains, has shown an improvement in comparison to 2018. The number of sleeping carriages equipped with air-conditioning has risen by 9%. At the end of last year the level was 45% of 1940 carriages, and in 2018 - 36%. With regard to electric multiple unit sets (EMU) the result is even better - air-conditioning has been installed in 62% of such sets (at the end of 2018 - 56%). WiFi installations have been installed in almost half of the EMUs. However, when it comes to classic carriages such equipment has been installed in every 14th carriage.

- Investments in rolling stock have led to better travel quality. When comparing year to year the percentage of trains equipped with such amenities as air-conditioning has risen and what's important - one can quite comfortably travel not only long-distance, but also during everyday trips to school or work - remarks Mr. Ignacy Góra, Ph.D., the President of the Office of Rail Transport. - Modern comfortable trains are an important element drawing passengers to railway services - he adds.

Almost 1/4 of EMUs have been equipped with GSM signal amplifiers. These devices enable mobile phone conversations on train routes where mobile access is not satisfactory. They're helpful as modern trains act as a Faraday cage, blocking mobile wave access from base stations and disrupting mobile devices. Lack of mobile access is influenced by the carriage construction and by metallized windows as well.

New carriages all have modern toilets with closed sanitary system. Such toilets have also been mounted in older carriages and EMUs during their modernisation. Newest sanitary systems are already present on board of 61% of EMUs and with regard to classic carriages - in 55% of them.

The changes responsible for the higher travel quality have been introduced most frequently in EMUs used for agglomeration and regional transfers. At the end of 2019 there were 1192 EMUs in use in Poland, of which 677 are trains modelled after EN57 series.

Data presented here concern the state of rolling stock as of the end of 2019.

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