What do railway passengers complain about?


In 2019 the Office of Rail Transport (Pol. Urząd Transportu Kolejowego, UTK) received 1341 passenger complaints. It is slightly less than the previous year's result (1348). The number of complaints has risen with regard to hygene, comfort and service quality, and declined as to the timetable. Most of the complaints have arrived at UTK by electronic means (e-mail).

Over the span of last 5 years UTK has received around 1400 passenger complaints a year. This number has remained at the same level despite the rising figures of transported passengers (310 million in 2018 and 336 million in 2019). Main topics of passenger complaints in 2019 were:

  • unsatisfying level of travel comfort and inappropriate stance of the conductor teams (571 notifications);
  • inconvenient timetable and punctuality of trains (475 notifications);
  • incorrect functioning of sales channels and inadequate level of passenger information (339 notifications).

Each complaint may touch upon many facets of railway travel.

The most frequent contact channel for the passengers was e-mail correspondence (1031 notifications) and interactive contact form (224 notifications). Aside from that UTK's employees have also given 1500 advices to passengers by way of telephone conversations.

- All notifications provided to us by passengers are a very important source of information on problems arising between the railway system and its clients. Aside from providing help in individual cases we also are able to solve systemic problems, notifying the railway undertakings of areas in need of improvement. It is clear that electronic channels of communication, that we offer, are of interest to passengers. More than 3/4 of all complaints received by UTK in 2019 came through these channels - judges Mr. Ignacy Góra, Sc. D., the President of UTK.

Detailed information on how the passenger may get in touch with UTK can be found here.

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