Passenger rights's ombudsman 2019 results - 2/3 of cases solved positively


In 2019 the Passenger Rights' Ombudsman (Pol. Rzecznik Praw Pasażera Kolei, RPPK) received 263 applications for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings. 66% of those cases, which ended last year, led to the solution of the dispute. This number does not include cases, where such proceeding was refused or one of the sides withdrew from it. ADRs allow for solving a dispute in a much faster way than in court - in 2019 RPPK's case handling lasted 39 days on average.

Cases handled by the RPPK in 2019 concerned mostly appeals against summons regarding due payments, granting compensation due to a delay or cancellation of a train, as well as charge reimbursement for unused tickets. Passenger reservations about the comfort of travel or other occurrences (health hazards, destruction of property) constituted a samll number of applications.

Last year, aside from 263 ADR applications the RPPK also received 184 notifications concerning complaints with regard to the functioning of railway undertakings (passed on to the President of the Office of Railway Transport due to his competence), requests for information on passenger rights, regulations governing ADR proceedings or general information on railway transport. In 11% of cases the RPPK was obliged to decline an ADR process. Such decision was undertaken due to the fact that a passenger had previously not filed a customer complaint with the relevant carrier, where the amount concerned was outside of the boundaries as described in the regulations (between 10 and 20.000 PLN) or when the case was not in the competence realm of RPPK.

The RPPK is affiliated with the President of the Office of Rail Transport (Pol. Urzad Transportu Kolejowego, UTK). His tasks are: alternative (out-of-court) dispute resolution between the passengers and railway carriers. An application to start an ADR process may be easily filed through an interactive form (also an English version available). The passengers may also send the application by traditional post, an e-mail, the electronic platform of public administration services (ePUAP), deliver it personally to UTK headquarters or one of its regional offices.

Passengers wishing to file a complaint should at first contact the relevant carrier. If its response is not satisfactory, then for further instructions he/she should get in touch with our Office, also by e-mail at .

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