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STK S.A. loses its safety certificate


President of the Office of Rail Transport (pol. Urząd Transportu Kolejowego, furthermore: UTK) has withdrawn the complete safety certificate of the railway carrier STK S.A. The decision was caused by improprieties uncovered in the process of inspection activities performed at the carrier’s premises. The decision is not yet legally binding.

In the course of inspection activities conducted at the STK S.A. headquarters with regard to the functioning of the safety management system the President of UTK has established many improprieties in the functioning of that system. Most improprieties were indicated in the following fields: railway vehicle maintenance, management of personnel competences as well as reporting, registration and analysis of potentially hazardous incidents. Ex officio the administrative proceedings were initiated, what has led to the withdrawal of the complete safety certificate.

The carrier has not removed the uncovered improprieties. The safety management system at STK has not fulfilled the conditions for the safety certificate to be issued. The criteria for such issuance are stated in the appendix II to the Commission Regulation (EU) 1158/2010 (with regard to part A of the certificate), in the appendix III to the same Commission Regulation (with regard to the part B of the certificate) and in the national safety regulations of Poland.

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