What data we process?

It depends on what you contact us about. Usually, the law indicates what data you are obliged to provide. Observing the principle of data minimization, we will not demand more data from you than necessary to implement our statutory tasks.
When you contact us outside the administrative mode, you decide what data you give us. At the same time, you must remember that they should allow us to settle your case.

We process your personal data if you consented to it in the case of:

  • participation in the Office of Rail Transport Academy,
  • train drivers licensing,
  • submitting and handling your passenger complaint,

In addition, we have the right to process your personal data if:

  • you work with us on the basis of a contract,
  • we fulfill our statutory duties,
  • we carry out tasks in the public interest,
  • you want to confirm your Trusted Profile.


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