Approve Documentation Maintenance System

Documentation content and form

Documentation content and form

The maintenance system documentation, in accordance with § 13 (1) of the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 12 October 2005 on the general conditions of railway vehicle operation (Journal of Laws No 212, item 1771, with subsequent amendments) as amended by the Regulation of 10 December 2014, should contain the following documents necessary for railway vehicle maintenance management and maintenance:

1) a functional description of the vehicle with a specification of the components in the maintenance process;

2) documentation including:

  • the structure of the repair and maintenance cycle,
  • descriptions of repair and maintenance activities, deinstallation and installation instructions,
  • a list of parameters measured in the process of maintenance or repair and the descriptions of measurement methods,
  • model check charts with a list of design values, post-repair and threshold parameters for vehicle assemblies, subassemblies and parts,
  • lists of specialised equipment and tools,
  • lists of tests performed during maintenance,
  • requirements as to staff qualifications and specific requirements related to welding and non-destructive testing;

3) restrictions related to safety and interoperability for subassemblies or parts relevant for safety and interoperability, specifying limits which cannot be exceeded during operation, including emergency operation;

4) a list of subassemblies covered by technical supervision.

The structure of the repair and maintenance cycle should be specified in kilometres and time units according to the railway vehicle maintenance levels specified in Appendix 3 to the Regulation, while for levels 4 and 5 maximum values should be specified. For 1 and 2 railway vehicle maintenance levels it is acceptable to specify the repair and maintenance cycle in kilometres or time units.

In the case of special and auxiliary vehicles, the maintenance system documentation should refer mainly to assemblies and subassemblies with an impact on safety during transportation.

In turn, in the event of railway vehicles entered into the register of monuments or in the museum inventory operated for the purposes of “Retro” train journeys on special occasions, the MSD § 13 (3) of the Regulation is in force.

It should be emphasised that in line with § 17 (4) of the Regulation, the MSD can include various types of railway vehicles with a similar structure and purpose.


  1. Requirements as to the form of the documentation
  • Railway vehicle maintenance system documentation submitted for the approval of the President of UTK should be prepared in an appropriate editorial, grammatical and stylistic form and arrangement.
  • The types of railway vehicles and the name of the entity (applicant) on the title page of the documentation should be consistent with the corresponding data included in the application for the approval of the MSD.
  • The documentation must be signed by individuals entitled to represent the entity mentioned in the National Court Register in the entry in the Business Activity Register.
  • Two copies of the MSD should be submitted to the Office.
  • Due to the introduction of the electronic process of MSD approval, the documentation should be bound in a way enabling its digitalisation, e.g. sliding or spiral-bound backing. The documentation should not be permanently bound (e.g. with a heat-sealed or stitched backing).
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