Statistics for January 2016


Monthly statistics for the first month of 2016 have been published. Statistics are divided into passenger and freight segments.

The number of passengers in January 2016 rose by 3,9% in comparison to January 2015 and reached the highest level for January since 2009. Transport performance grew by as much as 11,1%, which is the best January result since 2012 and is due to more train connections and better travel times offered in the new timetable. The average distance travelled by one passenger in January 2016 was 59,8 km, while in 2015 it was 55,9 km.

The weight of transported cargo fell in January 2016 by 3,5%, while transport performance fell by 0,7%. The average distance of transport increased on the year to year basis from 212,3 km in January 2015 to 217,6 km in January 2016.

You will find detailed monthly data in the Monthly statistics section.

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