Upper Silesian Narrow-Gauge Railways (Górnośląskie Koleje Wąskotorowe)


  • Train at the station
  • Train station Bytom Waskotorowy
  • Locomotive Lxd2
  • Train - Industriada 2014

The oldest narrow-gauge railway in Poland. It was designed and built to be a main mean of transport in the highly urban and industrial area of Upper Silesia since half of the XIXth century. The railway with 785 mm width (or 30 Prusian inches if you prefer) connected coal mines, mills, factories and powers stations, hosting local transportation of all cargo type. In the interwar period and after 1945 Silesian railway was the key element of transportation system in the region.

Currently only one line is still in use – probably the most attractive one: Bytom Waskotorowy-Miasteczko Slaskie. Luckily for tourists, the line runs through various places worth our interest: industrial, country and suburban landscapes. It stops near dolomite mine in Bytom and historic silver mine in Tarnowskie Gory to ends its route at Naklo-Chechlo Lake. If you are a true railway buff with desire for more adrenaline, we highly recommend visiting the railway during yearly party Industriada. Only then you have a chance to drive a 30-ton locomotive!

Upper Silesian Railway is an element of the Industrial Monuments Route connecting 36 objects and buildings in Upper Silesia. From 2010 the route has been a part of the European Route of Industrial Heritage.

Bytom Waskotorowy-Miasteczko Slaskie

  • Distance: 21 km
  • Approximated duration – 1:00 h
  • Frequency – 2 per day*
  • Price – 10 PLN (normal ticket)

* July-August; regular routes are not provided in other months, however special group rides may be scheduled throughout the year


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