Bieszczadzka Forest Railway (Bieszczadzka Kolej Leśna)


  • Steam engine of the train
  • Wood transport
  • Main station in Majdan
  • View from a train
  • View from a train

Bieszczadzka Forest Railway (in Polish often called: Bieszczadzka ciuchcia) has been one of the most fabulous narrow railway in Poland. Why?

Spectacular views. Situated in quite inhabited area, extreme south-east of the country, the rail goes through mountain range Bieszczady, providing breath-taking views.

Long and significant history. Established at the end of 19th century, the rail was firstly used for wood transporting to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and other European markets. Worth mentioning, the rail was an extremely important mean of transport also for local people in such an underdeveloped region. Destroyed during World War II and rebuilt in 60s. Currently carries passengers only. Main station is located at Majdan, near Cisna. The route system, engine steam, rail-coaches, roundhouse and stations of the Bieszczadzka Forest Railway are enrolled on the Register of Historic Monuments in Poland.

At present it is managed by Bieszczadzka Forest Railway Foundation which ensures the running of trains on the routes:

 Cisna-Majdan to Przyslup

  • Distance: 12 km
  • Approximated duration – 1:10 h
  • Frequency – 2 per day*
  • Price – 19 PLN (normal ticket)

Cisna-Majdan to Balnica

  • Distance: 9  km
  • Approximated duration – 0:45 h
  • Frequency – 2 per day*
  • Price – 17 PLN (normal ticket)

* July-August; in May, June, September and October the train operates on weekends and bank holidays only

The trips are accompanied by additional attractions, such as Krzych’s bandits' hold-ups or campfires. Group rides also may be scheduled.

Details (in Polish only).

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