Have you ever heard about the Interrail?

You definitely should have.

It is a railway ticket available to European residents, allowing unlimited rail travel in and between all participating countries for a certain period of time. Interrail has been well-known by tourists and adventure seekers in Europe. You simply decide on the go when to use your travel days on all national railways and ferry lines participating in the Interrail system.

Looking for spectacular nature along with cultural richness at once? Try your Interrail pass in Poland. In the news section we will be informing you on how to travel in and through Poland by trains using the pass. Hereby we announce the start of our new series where you will find the most useful tips on how, when and where to go. And the most important question – for what.

We start with developing information provided by the Interrail for Poland. The authors of the website choose five top destinations in the country. Here you will find logistic details helping in reaching painlessly the recommended places. For the first turn we take Cracow (malopolskie voivodeship) and nearby: Auschwitz German Nazi concentration camp, Wieliczka Salt Mines and Zakopane.

A painful past - Auschwitz German Nazi concentration camp

Unless you start from Cracow, you need to take a train offered by either PKP Intercity or Przewozy Regionalne to get to the former capital city of Poland. Both participate in the Interrail system. Then you take a regional train to Oswiecim by Przewozy Regionalne.

Cracow - Oswiecim

  • Distance: 64 km
  • Approximated duration – 1:50 h
  • Frequency – about every hour
  • Seat reservation – no

The mysterious mines – Wieliczka

To get to Wieliczka, you need to purchase an additional ticket and take a Koleje Malopolskie (regional operator) train.

Cracow-Wieliczka Salt Mines

  • Price: 3 PLN (Polish zloty)
  • Distance: 14 km
  • Approximated duration – 0:20 h
  • Frequency – about 30 minutes
  • Seat reservation – no

Polish powder paradise – Zakopane and Tatra mountains

If you wish to see the most formidable land in Poland, you should reach Zakopane claimed to be the gate to Tatra mountains. We suggest choosing direct train offered by PKP Intercity TLK (low cost trains) or Przewozy Regionalne from Cracow.


  • Distance: 150 km (depending on route)
  • Approximated duration – 3:30 h (depending on route)
  • Frequency –4-5 per day*
  • Seat reservation – yes (PKP Intercity), no (Przewozy Regionalne)

* in holiday and winter season more frequently

Let’s stop at this point for now. In the following notes we will continue the topic with a handful of tip journey.

Photos by Piotr Szatkowski

  • View from a train to Zakopane
  • Koleje Malopolskie's train to Wieliczka salt mine
  • View from a train to Zakopane
  • Przewozy Regionalne's train at Zakopane
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