Workshop on sustainable mobility


The Office of Rail Transport hosted a workshop on solutions in rail sector to support sustainable mobility. The participants discussed offers addressed to employers and solutions applied at railway stations to facilitate use of bicycles and co-sharing. The representatives of rail carriers and PKP S.A. took part in the meeting.

One of the topics discussed during the workshop was how employers can encourage their employees to use public transport or bikes and what role rail transport can play in this. The principles for developing employer mobility plans – a document which an employer can develop to increase the use of modes of transport other than the car by their employees – were presented. Rail operators' offers aimed at employers were also discussed, with the solutions adopted by Łódź Agglomeration Railway in greater detail. Those included a dynamically developing offer for employees and employers, but also a contract for transporting employees to one of the large workplaces in the region. As the carrier's representatives declared, success depends on a flexible approach and a guarantee of reliability.

The participants also debated on the role of sustainable mobility in ESG reporting and discussed the possibility of combining cycling and rail travel. The importance of the railway station in shaping sustainable mobility was also raised. A representative of the Polish State Railways (PKP S.A.) emphasised the importance of satisfying the users' demand for transport services of the so-called "last mile" through the use of shared mobility measures and described the activities undertaken by PKP S.A. under the "PKP Mobility" brand. Another solution presented at the meeting was the pilot launch of bike-sharing on the Hel Peninsula during the holiday season.

In an era of frequently changing transport needs and habits it is crucial to develop an offer tailored to user groups with diverse needs. The meeting provided an opportunity to exchange good practice in this area and to explore new solutions for rail transport.



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