Our educational campaign reaches everyone. Check out results of the ABC Railway Campaign 2 in 2022


In the ABC Railway Campaign the Office of Rail Transport aims to promote safety rules and responsible behavior when using rail transport. In 2022 during the second ABC Railway Campaign we proved that it is possible to reach both children and adults with information on rail safety. The hero of the campaign – Rogatek the rhino – is already known to all kids in Poland. The TV spots promoting safety were seen by 33.6 m Poles.

The ABC Railway Campaign 2 is the second edition of a nationwide information and education project aimed at spreading knowledge on safety in railway areas. The main protagonist of the project is the rhinoceros Rogatek, who promotes safety on billboards, radio and television. During the ABC Railway Campaign 2 the Office of Rail Transport reached out to children from kindergartens and primary schools as well as their parents, teachers and educators. Information on the ABC Railway Campaign 2 via TV spots alone was displayed more than 1.4 bn times and reached a total of 33.6 m people, i.e. the majority of Poles. On the radio content about safety in railway areas was heard by more than 6 m listeners. Spots on the Internet, on VOD platforms and YouTube were displayed 74 m times.

In 2022 the ABC Railway Campaign 2 educational classes organised by the Office of Rail Transport were held in schools and kindergartens. Pupils were able to learn the rules on safety at level crossings, railway lines and stations, familiarise themselves with road signs and memorise the most important rules for travelling by rail. All lessons were conducted in an interactive way. In 2022 the lessons took place in 213 locations, totalling around 13 thous. minutes of interactive learning through play. Almost 6,5 thous. children took part in the lessons. The ABC Railway Campaign 2 was also conducted in schools through the LIBRUS platform. The content was also viewed there by parents and teachers more than 25 m times. In 2022 outdoor events were also organised as part of the ABC Railway Campaign 2. 16 thous. people took part in events in Zakopane, Jastrzębia Góra, Mikołajki, Łeba and Wrocław. All the attractions which appeared at these events were chosen to provide the best possible fun for whole families. Among the attractions available to visitors were educational games and competitions with prizes, a 9D cinema, creative workshops, shows and concerts by well-known and popular Polish artists. In addition, during the Winter Family Picnic in Wrocław, a 3D videomapping was displayed on the railway station building, which was seen by more than 10 thous. people - around 1,2 thous. on site, in front of the station building, and almost 9 thous. in a live online broadcast. One element of the 3D videomapping was the winning entry in the "Direction - Safety" competition, which started with the first September school bell. The task for pupils in the first to sixth grades of primary schools was to prepare artwork in the form of a drawing or 3D model. The interest in the competition and the quality of the works prepared exceeded the organisers' wildest expectations. In just two and a half months almost 40,5 thous. pupils created more than 4 thous. wonderful works. The winners were pupils from class 2c from Jan Wypler Primary School No. 2 in Ruda Śląska. 

An important element of the ABC Railway Campaign 2 is social media communication. By creating content such as competitions with prizes, puzzles and railway trivia to engage audiences, the Office of Rail Transport encouraged whole families to learn about rail safety together. In addition, well-chosen influencers succeeded in creating a platform for positive education that reached many people, regardless of their age. TikTok, one of the fastest growing social media channels in Poland, proved to be particularly active. The profile of the ABC Railway Campaign 2 accumulated more than 1 m views on this platform, which, for education and information projects, is an impressive result. The number of likes on Facebook and Instagram also increased.  On Facebook there were more than 70,7 thous. likes, which was a 57% increase. On Instagram the profile of the ABC Railway Campaign 2 is followed by more than 7,4 thous. people, an increase by 99% compared to the start of the campaign.

The educational activities carried out by the Office of Rail Transport reach an increasingly wide audience. Further activities to improve public awareness of rail safety are planned for 2023. We will organize new competitions, outdoor events, prepare educational materials and new TV spots. Educational activities in schools and kindergartens will also continue. To keep up to date on the ABC Railway Campaign 2, please follw us on the ABC Railway Campaign 2 website and social media profiles.

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The ABC Railway Campaign 2 implemented by the Office of Rail Transport is the second edition of a nationwide information and education campaign promoting safety principles, values and patterns related to responsible behaviour when using rail transport. The campaign is co-financed by the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020.The total value of the project is PLN 60 m. 



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