Intermodal transport in 2Q 2022


Over 6.6 m tonnes of goods were transported by intermodal rail services in 2Q 2022. The transport performance exceeded 2.2 bn tonne-km. In 2Q 2022 the weight of goods carried in intermodal transport fell year-on-year. However, the transport performance increased.

The total weight in intermodal transport in 2Q 2022 exceeded 6.6 m tonnes. The transport performance was over 2.2 bn tonne-km. Compared to 1Q 2022, the weight increased by 48.7 thous. tonnes (0.7%) and the transport performance by nearly 134 thous. tonne-km (6.4%) In 2Q 2021 180.6 thous. tonnes (2.7%) more were transported, but the transport performance was lower by 199.3 thous. tonne-km (8.9%). The share of intermodal services in rail freight after the first half of 2022 reached 10.5% in weight and 14.2% in transport performance. Last year these shares were 11.1% and 14.8% respectively.

From April to June 2022 rail carriers transported more than 445,000 units, which is over 719,000 TEUs. Compared to the same period last year, the number of intermodal units transported fell by 5.4 thous. (1.2%), by TEUs it was a decrease by 25.8 thous. TEUs (3.5%).

In 2Q 2022 we saw how the ongoing war in Ukraine impacted freight performance. Despite the difficulties, there were increases compared to 1Q 2022. However, there was a year-on-year decrease in the weight carried. The intermodal market still has potential, but the international situation needs to be closely monitored. We currently see a decline in transit connections through Poland, but domestic transport is still on the rise - comments Ignacy Góra, President of the Office of Rail Transport.

In 2Q 2022 intermodal rail transport services were performed by 22 licensed carriers.

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