Train punctuality in 1Q 2022


In 1Q 2022 more than 91% of passenger trains and almost 42% of freight trains arrived on time at their destination. The punctuality rate increased compared to the previous quarter, despite a major failure of the train control systems in Poland. Rail operators launched 559 thous. trains in 1Q 2022 (448 thous. passenger trains and 111 thous. freight trains).


In 1Q 2022 91.03% of passenger trains reached their final station on time. It is an increase of more than one percentage point compared to the previous quarter. The highest punctuality rate in passenger transport was recorded in February - 91.97%. In January the punctuality rate was 91.61% and in March it was 89.62%.

The highest punctuality rate in 1Q 2022 was recorded by WKD, the Warsaw Commuter Railway - 99.40%. For POLREGIO trains the punctuality rate was 91.70% (an increase by over 2% compared to 4Q 2021). For PKP Intercity the punctuality rate was 69.78% (a decrease by almost 1% compared to 4Q 2021).

The average delay of a passenger train at terminus in 1Q 2022 was 34 minutes for trains delayed more than 5 minutes 59 seconds and almost 12 minutes for all other delayed trains. This is the worst result since the Office of Rail Transport started to publish data on train punctuality.

On Thursday, 17 March, there was a major failure of rail traffic control devices operated by the Local Traffic Control Centres (LCS). The failure was on a total of 820 km of railway lines, lasted 14 hours and affected 3,052 trains. According to the LCS equipment manufacturer, the responsibility for the equipment failure was theirs. The longest train delay on that day was 400 minutes.

An increase in train punctuality we had in the first two months was halted by the events which occurred in March. The failure of traffic control systems shows how many factors affect the proper functioning of the national rail transport system and that the railway sector should be prepared for any situation in order to ensure a smooth running of trains - concludes Ignacy Góra, President of the Office of Rail Transport.


In 1Q 2022 42.05% of freight trains arrived on time at their final destination. The punctuality rate for domestic trains was 43.42% and 36.96% for international trains. For domestic rail transport services there was an increase in punctuality compared to the previous quarter.

The highest punctuality rate for all freight trains was recorded in March - 43.13%. In January the punctuality rate was 40.90%, while in February it was 41.98%. The average delay of a freight train in 1Q 2022 was 689 minutes.

Detailed data on train punctuality in 1Q 2021 can be found on our new statistics website Dane Kolejowe (Railway Data) in the Train punctuality section.




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