Passenger train punctuality in 2021


The punctuality rate of passenger trains in 2021 was 90.1%. In 2020 it was 94.6%. The total number of trains running increased in 2021 compared to 2020 and even 2019 and exceeded 1.7 m.

In 2021 the punctuality rate of passenger trains was 90.11%, which is 4.5% lower than in 2020. The average delay at terminus, for trains delayed over 6 minutes, was more than 21 minutes. However, the average delay along the route, i.e. at all commercial stops, was 18 minutes.

The lowest punctuality rate was recorded during the holidays in July and August. The punctuality rate at terminus was 86.7% and 89.1% respectively, while the average punctuality rate for stations along the route was 85.6% and 88%. Low punctuality rate was also in December. The number of trains running in these months was the highest during 2021.

Improving punctuality of passenger trains is a major challenge for rail carriers and infrastructure managers. The most common reasons for delays are related to rolling stock and need to guarantee vehicle service, so these are rail operator’s responsibility. These causes account for nearly 25% of delays. The second group of events - which cause more than 23% of delays - are situations for which  infrastructure manager is responsible and are related to traffic control devices, repairs, temporary line closures, etc. The so-called external causes - weather conditions, collisions or incidents requiring the intervention of the police or medical service - are responsible for more than 20% of delays. Changing the organisation of work, ensuring that trains operate as planned, ensuring the availability of rolling stock - these are measures which can eliminate delays caused by rail companies - says Ignacy Góra, President of the Office of Rail Transport.

Detailed data on train punctuality in 2021 and data on passenger transport can be found on our statistics website Dane Kolejowe (Railway Data) in the Train punctuality section.

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