From February 2022 new rules for registration of railway vehicles apply


Since implementation of the European Vehicle Register (EVR), the entire process of registration of railway vehicles in Poland will be done in a new register. The register is kept by the European Union Agency for Railways, but applications to EVR will still be submitted to the President of the Office of Rail Transport. As agreed by the Office and ERA, the new registration process will begin with February 2022.

ERA confirmed that it will be possible to start the EVR system on 1st February 2022. Therefore, the registration of railway vehicles will be carried out under existing rules until 31st January 2022. Duly completed applications which will be submitted by 17 January 2022 will be considered before the EVR start date. Applications which will not be processed by 31 January 2022 should be resubmitted by an applicant through EVR.

After migration to EVR, the President of the Office of Rail Transport will continue to act as a registration unit in Poland. However, the entire process, from submission of an application to  confirmation of registration or changes, will be carried out entirely in EVR. Applications will be submitted electronically and accepted in EVR - reports will not be issued (as it is currently done). It will facilitate registration process of railway vehicles.

Operating in the new EVR environment requires adequate knowledge of the register. Thus, we kindly remind you that before creating a user account in EVR, it is necessary to obtain an organization code. Organization codes are assigned by the European Union Agency for Railways to all interested entities operating in the European railway system, i.e. to all those who use different online services of the European Union Agency for Railways, including EVR. Requests for a new alphanumeric organization code or changes of organization data should be submitted to the Agency online at:

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