Train punctuality in 3Q 2021


In 3Q 2021 less than 89% of passenger trains and over 41% of freight trains arrived on time at their destination. The punctuality rate in 3Q was the lowest this year. Rail operators launched 567 thous. trains in 3Q 2021 (452 thous. passenger trains and 115 thous. freight trains).


From July to September 88.7% of passenger trains arrived on time at their final destination (delays were over 5 minutes 59 seconds). When compared to 2Q 2021, it is a decrease by more than 3%. The highest punctuality rate in passenger transport was recorded in September - 90.37%. In August the punctuality rate was 89.08%, while in July it was only 86.73%.

Among passenger carriers which run more than a thousand trains per month, the highest punctuality rate in 3Q 2021 was recorded by WKD, the Warsaw Commuter Railway - 99.04%. For the largest long-distance carrier, PKP Intercity, the punctuality rate was 66.12% (almost 12% less than in 2Q 2021). The average quarterly train delay was over 21 minutes for trains delayed over 5 minutes 59 seconds and almost 9 minutes for all trains (including punctual ones).

According to the data provided by PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe, the Polish infrastructure manager, the highest number of train delays in 3Q 2021 resulted from the longer boarding time (due to a large number of passengers), extended travel time, repair or replacement of rolling stock and improper organization of rail infrastructure construction works. In July we had bad weather conditions, including heavy storms, which contributed to train delays.

The beginning of summer holidays is a challenge for rail carriers. In July, apart from unfavourable weather conditions, there were also three derailments of a train. These conditions and incidents had a negative impact on the punctuality of a large number of trains. In August and September the punctuality has already improved - sums up Ignacy Góra, President of the Office of Rail Transport.


In 3Q 2021 41.09% of freight trains arrived on time at their final destination, while the punctuality rate for trains launched in Poland was 41.34% and 39.44% for international trains. The highest punctuality rate for all freight trains was recorded in September - 41.67%. In July the punctuality rate was 41.34%, while in August it was 40.29%. The average delay of a freight train was 789 minutes.

Detailed data on train punctuality in 3Q 2021 and data on passenger transport in 2010-2020 and on rail freight in 2013-2020 can be found on our new statistics website Dane Kolejowe (Railway Data) in the Train punctuality section.


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