Intermodal transport in 2Q 2021


The mass of transported goods by intermodal transport in 2Q 2021 reached nearly 6.8 m tonnes. The transport performance was 2 bn tonne-km. When compared to 2Q 2020, in 2Q 2021 all intermodal transport parameters increased.

From April to June, railway carriers transported over 450 thous. units, which accounted for over 743 thous. TEU. When compared to 2Q 2020, the number of units transported increased by 19.2% and the number of TEUs by 24.4%.

In intermodal transport in 2Q 2021 nearly 6.8 m tonnes were carried and the transport performance exceeded 2 bn tonne-km. The share of intermodal transport services in rail market reached 11.1% (in weight) and 14.8% (in work performed).

"In recent years a steady upward trend has been observed in intermodal transport sector. Comparing the first half of 2020 to the first half of 2021, the weight of cargo increased by 2 m tonnes and the transport performance by 0.3 bn tonne-km. These results of intermodal transport are good news during the European Year of Rail, in which we promote railways as an environmentally friendly mode of transport. The development of this mode of transport helps to achieve the aims of the European Green Deal, among which is a significant reduction of emissions in transport" - comments Ignacy Góra, President of the Office of Rail Transport.

In 2Q 2021 intermodal transport services were performed by 20 licensed rail carriers.

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