Rail transport in June 2021


Better results than last year - this is how June can be summed up in both passenger transport and freight. In June over 21 m passengers travelled by rail, which – when compared to 2020 results – is an increase by 45%. 19.8 m tonnes were transported by rail which is an increase by 13.5% when compared to the previous year.


The situation in passenger transport is stabilizing. 21.1 m people travelled by rail in June – an increase by 45.1% as compared to June 2020. Other operational data also rose. The transport performance was 1.4 bn pass-km (an increase by 58.4%) and the operational performance was 14.5 m train-km (an increase by 23.6%). Passengers also travelled on longer journeys. The average distance travelled by a passenger was 66 km and was 6 km longer than a year ago.

The results in June were much better than in May, which so far has been the best month in 2021. In June 2.2 m more people travelled by rail than in May (an increase by 11.5%). The transport performance also increased by over 256 m pass-km (22.7%). The operational performance was lower by 0.07 m train-km (-0.5%) which may by influenced by modernization works on railway lines and use of alternative transport (bus). The average distance travelled was 6 km longer.

- The first half of 2021 should be viewed with a moderate optimism. This period was certainly more stable than the first half of 2020 and during last two months a return of passengers to railways is clearly visible. The holiday season should enhance this trend. Rail transport is very safe and comfortable mode of transport, especially when compared to an intense tourist traffic on the roads - emphasizes Ignacy Góra, President of the Office of Rail Transport.

In the first half of 2021 slightly over 97 m passengers travelled by rail. The transport performance in this period amounted to 5.9 bn pass-km and the operational performance - 86.5 train-km. The average distance travelled reached 60.5 km.


In rail freight June turned out as another month with increases in transport parameters when compared to 2020. 19.8 m tonnes of goods were transported by rail (an increase by 13.5%) and the transport performance amounted to 4.5 bn tonne-km (rise by 9.2%). The operational performance was higher by 0.6 m train-km (9.8%) and the average transport distance decreased to 229 km (-3.8%).

The operational data in June were slightly lower than in May. The weight of transported goods was lower by 0.6 m tonnes (-3.1%),the transport performance by 147.7 m tonne-km (-3.2%) and the operational performance by 0.2 m train-km (-3%). The average transport distance was the same, i.e. 229 km.

- The rail freight sector has reached a stable level. The initial market fluctuations in the first months of 2021 were not visible in the following months. The data for the 6 months of 2021 so far are not only much better than the corresponding data from 2020, but also very similar to the results from two years ago - comments Ignacy Góra, President of the Office of Rail Transport. - The intermodal transport market is also on a steady rise - he adds.

In the first half of 2021 116.8 m tonnes of goods were transported by rail. The transport performance and operational performance amounted to 26.6 bn tonne-km and 39.5 m train-km respectively. The average transport distance during this period was 227.6 km.


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