Rail transport in April 2021


In April 14 m passengers travelled by rail. It is over 129% more than 2020. In rail freight the weight of transported goods amounted to 19.8 m tonnes, which was 18% more than in April 2020. Despite much better transport results year on year, both in passenger transport and freight, the trend of monthly increases has slowed down.


In April 2020 the lowest number of passengers was recorded. In April 2021 the epidemic regime was still in force, but restrictions on movement were not as severe as a year ago. Thus 14 m passengers were transported, which is 129.1% more than in 2020. The transport performance was 837.2 m pass-km (an increase by 196.8%), while the operational performance reached 14.2 m train-km (an increase by 52, 3%). The average distance travelled by a passenger was 60 km (an increase by 14 km).

After the increases in the number of passengers, which were recorded for five consecutive months, in April there was a decrease in rail transport results as compared to March. The number of passengers was lower by 1.3 m (a decrease by 8.4%), the transport performance dropped by 22.2 m pass-km (a decrease by 2.6%) and the operational performance was lower by 0.8 m train-km (a decrease by 5.3%). The average distance travelled by a passenger grew by 4 km.

- After regular increases in passenger transport in recent months, April turned out to be slightly worse than March. However, the analysis of market data in recent years shows that the lower number of rail passengers in April compared to March is almost a rule. The data for May will show whether the positive trend and the return of passengers to the rail will continue - notes Ignacy Góra, President of the Office of Rail Transport.

From January to April a total number of 57.1 m passengers travelled by rail. The transport performance reached 3.3 bn pass-km and the operational performance was 57.3 m train-km. The average distance travelled by a passenger was 59 km.

Liczba pasażerów 2019-2021


19.8 m tonnes of goods were transported by rail in April 2021 which is an increase by 18% when compared to April 2020. The transport performance amounted to 4.5 bn tonne-km (an increase by 19.4%), while the operational performance reached 6.7 m train-km (an increase by 18.8%). The average distance was 228 km and was 2 km longer than in April 2020.

However, when compared to March 2021 operational data dropped. In April 2021 1.5 m tonnes of goods less than in March 2021 were transported by rail (a drop by 6.9%). The transport performance fell by 273 m tonne-km (5.7%) and the operational performance by 0.4 m train-km (6%). The average distance when transporting 1 tonne of goods was longer by 3 km.

- The exceptionally good March 2021 whetted market's appetites. As in passenger transport, month-on-month decline in rail freight is somewhat surprising. However, the operational parameters for March and April 2021 have already reached a stable level which characterized the market before the coronavirus pandemic. There is a noticeable decrease in share of fuels, coal, metal ores and other mining products in rail transport which should encourage freight operators to turn to other commodity groups - emphasizes Ignacy Góra, President of the Office of Rail Transport.

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