ABC Railway Campaign: new TV spots and online lessons


The next phase of the ABC Railway Campaign has started. The hero of the campaign – Rogatek the rhino – continues to teach children how to behave safely when on a train, platform or level crossing. You can watch Rogatek on TV again.

The campaign’s mascot, Rogatek the rhino, for the fourth year in row engages kids and teenagers in play to teach rail safety rules. The knowledge passed on by Rogatek is still needed. Although the number of accidents on railway lines has been steadily declining since the launch of the campaign in 2017, still three-quarters of them occur at level crossings and illegal passes through train tracks.

The new TV spots produced for the campaign show how to behave at level crossings (pedestrian and road): spot 1 and spot 2, near rail tracks: spot 3, on railway platform: spot 4 and on a train: spot 5. This knowledge can save life and health of kids and teenagers in the future. Still 75% of accidents occur with the participation of so-called ‘the third party’, i.e. a person who, whether on foot or driving a car, does not follow rail safety rules.

In the ABC Railway Campaign The Office of Rail Transport aims to promote safety rules and responsible behavior when using rail transport. The campaign is addressed to children and teenagers, as well as their teachers and parents.

Despite the pandemic, the Office of Rail Transport continues to organise online lessons. Schools can register to participate in the campaign by sending an e-mail to: with school address and info on a contact person.

- We especially invite to participate in our lessons schools which are located near level crossings or in municipalities where accidents at level crossings and illegal crossing through rail tracks have occurred in recent years - says Ignacy Góra, President of the Office of Rail Transport.

During online lessons teaching aids are used, e.g. an interactive app and a mobile railway town. Children actively participate in lessons, developing skills, cause-and-effect thinking and consolidating knowledge about rail safety rules. After the lesson every kid receives a safe traveller kit.

More information on the ABC Railway Campaign activities and the list of institutions which have already taken part in the project can be found on website.

The ABC Railway Campaign is a nationwide information and education campaign promoting railway safety rules and responsible behaviour when using rail transport. The campaign is co-financed by the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020.

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