National Vehicle Register update


The Office of Rail Transport published an update of the list of rail vehicles with a current registration in the National Vehicle Register (NVR). The data are valid as of January 29, 2021. The register contains data of over 98,000 vehicles with valid registration, i.e. those which can operate on the railway network in Poland.

Each rail vehicle running on a railway network must be assigned the European  Vehicle  Number  (EVN). It is a 12 digit number containing information on technical characteristics of a rail vehicle. The National Vehicle Register (NVR) is a register which contains EVNs and characteristics of registered vehicles. Vehicles intended for operation, e.g. on railway sidings or metro infrastructure, are excluded from the obligation to assign the EVN and register in the NVR database.

When a vehicle is withdrawn from service, the same EVN can be assigned to another vehicle after 100 years. When using the NVR data, you will notice that each unit of a multiple traction unit is a separate entry in the register. Due to data protection requirements, information listed includes only the first eight digits of the EVN, vehicle series code, year of manufacture and date of the first authorisation.

NVR data analysis can be found in our study Report on rail transport market operations 2019.

NVR data you can download as an xlsx file.

Register update you can find here.

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