Polish EUYearofRail website launched


The Polish website of the European Year of Rail has been launched by the Office of Rail Transport which coordinates EUYearofRail 2021 events. On website you will find information on EUYearofRail events in Poland with a calendar.

Friday, 1 January 2021, marks the beginning of the European Year of Rail. The European Commission initiative will highlight the benefits of rail as a sustainable, smart and safe means of transport. A variety of activities will put rail in the spotlight throughout 2021 across the continent, to encourage the use of rail by both citizens and businesses and to contribute to the EU Green Deal goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2050.

You can find information on events in Poland on website. Additionally, you can also share your ideas and initiatives for EUYearofRail via form in Zgłoś swój udział (Get involved) section. 

The goal that will guide all EUYearofRail initiatives is to increase the importance and share of rail transport so that it contributes to the further transformation of the EU economy towards a green, digital, innovative and sustainable model. The specific objectives of EUYearofRail include:

  • promote rail as a sustainable, innovative, interconnected and intermodal, safe and affordable mode of transport;
  • highlight the European, cross-border dimension of rail, which brings citizens closer together, fosters socio-economic and territorial cohesion and contributes to integrating the Union internal market,
  • enhance the contribution of rail to the Union’s economy, to its industry, including to its global competitiveness, to its commerce and to its society;
  • contribute to promoting rail as an important element in relations between the Union and its neighbouring countries;
  • promote the attractiveness of the railway professions;
  • promote the key role of railways in international passenger transport within the Union;
  • promote the EU night train network;
  • promote the key role of railways in sustainable end-to-end mobility, connecting hubs and allowing attractive and smart transfer between modes of transport.

Paweł Rafalski, deputy director of the President’s Office in the Office of Rail Transport has been appointed the National Contact Point. Any questions can be sent to: or to the general e-mail address of the Office of Rail Transport:


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