Inter-KomTrans ECM certificate revoked


The President of the Office of Rail Transport withdrew the Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) certificate issued for Sylwester Komisarek P.W. Inter-KomTrans. After the decision to revoke the ECM certificate becomes final, the company will not be able to provide maintenance services for freight wagons.

During an official inqury carried out by the Office of Rail Transport many infringements of the safety regime were found. Despite the formal notification, the company did not remedy the situation. Thus the decision to withdraw the certificate was prepared on the grounds of: 

  • the gross violation of the Maintenance Management System (MMS),
  • an inadequate supervision of freight wagons’ return to operation after maintenance,
  • an inadequate supervision over the technology of performed repairs, technical equipment, instructions and post-repair documentation.

The decision to withdraw the ECM certificate is not final. A party dissatisfied with a decision may file a request for a review of a case or submit a complaint directly to the Regional Administrative Court.

Any irregularities in performance of maintenance functions will always trigger a strong reaction from the national safety authority. In this decision the President of the Office of Rail Transport clearly emphasized that the maintenance management system must fulfill its primary objective which is to ensure the maintenance of railway vehicles in such a way that they can safely operate on the railway network. Any negligence in the maintenance system reduces the level of safety of the operation of railway vehicles and therefore of the entire railway system.


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