New TSIs to appear in 2022


The year 2022 will mark the revision of all Technical Specifications for Interoperability. According to the plans of the European Commission the new TSI package will support the digitisation of railways as well as ecological freight transport. The rules governing the process of amending the TSIs will also be changed.

In the framework of planned changes of TSIs with regard to digitisation of railways one should mention new functionalities of ERTMS, such as positioning of railway vehicles based on satellite technology, automatic conduct of trains or new standard of radio communication (successor to GSM-R). The Commission also plans to completely withdraw the ETCS baseline 2 standard, as well as define new standard interfaces for the on-board ERTMS devices, what should enable module construction of the device architecture, allowing for its easy authorisation and maintenance. As one of the priorities in the sphere of railway digitisation the Commission also foresees introduction of many amendments and improvements within the telematics TSI.

The second pillar of the new TSIs will support railway freight transport, which is the result of the Commission’s priorities in ecology. Amended TSIs should encompass the regulations regarding new energy sources. Also requirements for automatic detection of train derailment as well as cleaning of brake blocks will be implemented in the TSIs. The Commission intends as well to introduce regulations facilitating the authorisation for use for passenger wagons on the territory of a few member states or the entire European railway network – as it is now possible for freight wagons. There are also plans to enact specifications governing the automatic registration of train driver’s work and leisure time. Significant emphasis will be placed on further harmonisation of operational regulations in the TSI “Operation and traffic management”.

The packet of TSIs planned for release in 2022 will be processed according to different rules than it has been done until now. Instead of workgroups dedicated to specific TSIs, there will be groups created to concentrate on specific issues. The process will also be governed through change requests. Such requests may be sent by – among others – national safety authorities or organisations representing the railway sector.

The President of the Office of Rail Transport intends to actively participate in the process of creating the new TSIs, as well as coordinate the participation in it of Polish industry representatives.  

Details of the planned TSI changes can be found in this table.

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