International rail freight transport statistics for 2018


Almost 82.4 million tonnes of transported goods and 26.5 billion tonne-kilometres of operational performance is the result of international rail freight in 2018. It means almost 1/3 of the weight and almost half of the operational performance of the entire rail freight in Poland for that year. The Office of Rail Transport (Pol. Urząd Transportu Kolejowego, UTK) has prepared a document showing the international rail freight market in 2018.

Similarly to the national rail freight operations mostly raw materials, like coal, coke, briquette and oil refinery products were transported by rail internationally. Large share of operations was constituted by freight load classified as "other", transported usually in containers. One should also notice a significant share of chemicals and metal ore in this type of transport.

- Every year the level of commercial exchange within the framework of the New Silk Road is rising, so it is essential to ensure appropriate transfer time for such East-West rail freight transfers - notices Ignacy Góra, Sc. D., the President of UTK. - One should however also take into consideration the North-South route possibilities - adds Mr. Góra.

Accessibility of entrance into the Polish railway system for trains with increased axle load and service of trains with length of 750 m at border crossings is an important element of the Polish railway system's offer. The improvement of spot and linear railway infrastructure should also take into account the increase of traffic capacity at sections with mixed traffic or high frequency of connections.

- An important role in international exchange is played by seaports. That's why it is essential to ensure accessibility and relevant traffic capacity at railway routes leading to them - says Radosław Pacewicz, the Vicepresident of UTK. - There's also need to undertake measures that will result in moving some types of goods travelling through Poland by railway instead of roads - he reminds.

"Analysis of rail freight transfers on international routes" has been prepared on the basis of data provided to UTK by freight carriers. It is a first such report published by UTK, that deals with international rail freight market, serviced by carriers operating in Poland. The report (Polish version only) can be downloaded from UTK's website.

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