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DiscoverEU - a trip for 18-year-olds


Are you 18 years old and a citizen of a European Union country? DiscoverEU will enable you to make a trip, during which you may visit the entire European Union, get to know the diversity of Europe, as well as its cultural and historical wealth. It will also be a great opportunity to make new acquaintances in the whole of the continent!

The registration for the DiscoverEU programme has started - it's an initiative of the European Commission, which enables 18-year-olds to organise their first real trip around the European Union. All willing persons should register on the initiative's portal. The necessary precondition is that the person had turned 18 in 2019 and is a citizen of one of the European Union countries. You should enter the following personal data in the form: first and last names, date of birth, citizenship and the personal ID number. There are also a few competition questions to be answered.

You can win tickets for a trip around the European Union. You can travel alone or in a group. You can add up to 4 persons to your group, but they must fulfill the same competition criteria. In order to register they will have to use your registration code. You can also get in touch with other DiscoverEU participants from other UE countries and plan your trip with them! A good place to find such companionship is the Facebook group DiscoverEU. In order to get in touch with them you just need to join the group.

The applications may be filed until 28 November 2019, 12:00 CET. The trip may take between 1 and 30 days within the period between 1 April and 31 October 2020. Depending on the chosen planned trip mode you can visit at maximum two countries or two cities in the same country, and with an open travel plan the number of countries to visit is unlimited. However, the number of travel days is limited, f.e. you can spend no more than a month abroad, but during the trip you may only plan a few days for transfers (f.e. by train).

You can find detailed information on the European Commission website at this address and the application form here


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