Secondees from the Eastern Partnership programme at UTK.


Representatives of Armenia and Ukraine are visiting the Office of Rail Transport (Pol. Urząd Transportu Kolejowego, UTK). Eastern Partnership is a EU programme of assistance directed towards six countries in Eastern Europe and concentrates on activities in the sphere of public administration, aiming at building a common area of shared democracy, prosperity, stability and increased cooperation.

From 1 October in the framework of the Eastern Partnership programme UTK has hosted Mrs. Naira Sargsyan from the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia and Mrs. Stella Shapoval, Director of the International Cooperation Department from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

During their 10-day secondment at UTK they have received information on – among other things – recruitment and professional development policies of UTK. In particular internal regulations and good practices with regard to the recruitment processes, conducting of employee affairs and professional development programmes were presented. Both partnership secondees also took part in the classes organised in one of the Warsaw kindergartens within the framework of the Railway ABC campaign.

The secondees have met with Mr. Ignacy Góra, Sc. D., the President of UTK. – I am convinced that the secondment in our office will provide both secondees with useful information, in particular with regard to our recruitment and professional development policies. We carry out these policies in an active way so that our employees perform their everyday tasks – directed at the participants of the railway market – to the best of their abilities – said during the meeting President Góra.

Execution of our professional development programmes allows for suitable preparation of new employees of UTK to perform specific duties within the framework of their official capacity. Our employees benefit from those programmes by receiving a wide range possibilities with regard to professional development – both when it comes to specific knowledge, as well as foreign languages. Thus there are advantages for both parties, the employee and our Office – added Mrs. Małgorzata Kalata, Director General of UTK, also present at the meeting.

On behalf of the secondees Mrs. Shapoval expressed their gratitude. – We are very grateful for this cordial welcome at UTK and the possibility to get to know the daily work of this office. In particular of special interest to us is information on the problems, which your office faces in the human resources and professional development areas. Because also in our countries the civil service experiences the same kind of problems, it is essential for us to learn the ways on how to properly solve them. So all this experience of yours is very valuable to us and we will certainly use it in our everyday work. Both in Ukraine, as well as in Armenia we are now witnessing introduction of substantial changes with regard to the management of the civil service.

Eastern Partnership is one of the programmes of the European Union, executed within the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy. The programme embraces six countries of Eastern Europe: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The aim of the Partnership is to bring the partner countries closer to the EU by – among other things – political association, economic integration, visa programme liberalisation and multinational cooperation, encompassing many different areas. Polish development cooperation with regard to the Partnership countries is executed through project studies of Polish non-governmental organisations, as well as by Polish diplomatic missions abroad and government entities. UTK has already taken part in five editions of this programme, and previously our experiences were passed on to the representatives of all countries participating in the programme.

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