The „Report on the railway transport safety in 2018” has been published


In 2018 none of the safety indicators exceeded the accepted level of risk (national reference value) set for Poland. The general number of accidents (not only serious) has decreased, as the operational performance has increased. The accident indicator, measured as a relation of accident number to operational performance, was at its lowest in the last year since 2008. Such data was published in the yearly report sent to the European Agency for Railways.

In the Official Journal of the President of the Office of Rail Transport (Pol. Urząd Transportu Kolejowego, UTK) no. 34/2019 there has been the “Report on the railway transport safety in 2018” published (Polish version only). The report contains information about:

  • the state of railway’s safety, together with the summed-up common safety indicators, as set forth in the appendix no. I to the directive on safety at the level of the EU member state;
  • important changes in the legal regulations and rules governing the safety of railway;
  • the state of certifications and authorisations in the scope of safety;
  • exemptions introduced based on the par. 14a point 8 of the safety directive.

National safety authority (in Poland it is one of the functions of the President of UTK), publishes on a yearly basis an annual report on its activities in that sphere for the previous year and delivers it to the Euroepan Union Agency for Railways until the 30 September of each year. Such duty is imposed by par. 18 of the Directive 2004/49/EU on the safety of European Community’s railways.

The report encompasses both the public national rail network, as well as networks which are functionally separate from the national network and where there are services of transport of passengers by rail provided. The report does not include narrow-gauge railways, intraplant rail transport, tram transport system, funicular and funicular land transport, as well as subway system. The report includes only accidents described as significant, among those serious accidents.

Published information comes from the data passed to UTK by certified railway carriers and authorised railway infrastructure managers. Other data sources are also used, among those from the Railway Accident Register, kept by UTK.

European Agency for Railway has in detail described the contents of the Report. Beside the significant accident data, presented in the "Report on the state of the railway safety in 2018" (Polish version only), there’s also extended information provided on the issues regarding the safety management systems, among those presentation of experiences of the railway undertakings with regard to the use of common safety methods in the sphere of the risk management and monitoring.

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