Report on the functioning of the Polish railway market in 2018


The year 2018 ended with an increase of more than 2% of transported passengers. The weight of transported goods rose by over 4.3%. 2018 was also a period with dynamic rise of intermodal transport – the weight of freighted goods went up by more than 11%. All that forms the picture of the Polish railway market in 2018. These – and many more – data can be found in the “Report on the functioning of the railway market in 2018”, published by the President of the Office of Rail Transport.

More than 310 million passengers and 250 million tonnes of goods were transported by Polish railway companies in 2018. It is an undoubted success, both on the part of the carriers, as well as the infrastructure managers, having in mind ongoing railway infrastructure modernisation. – Investment processes have been conducted on a scale, that has not been matched before – admits Ignacy Góra, Sc. D., President of the Office of Rail Transport (Pol. Urząd Transportu Kolejowego, UTK). – It is an enormous challenge, which the construction companies, infrastructure managers and carriers must face. And there are still further projects, being part of the National Railway Programme framework, which lay ahead – he reminds. 

The report contains data with regard to the freight and passenger transport market, issues regarding railway infrastructure and rolling stock as well as the scale of employment on the part of the carrier and infrastructure managers’ companies. It allows for the analysis of trends and indication of changes with regard to fields, where the market rapidly grows, as well as which parameters show stabilisation or possible decreases.

The report moreover shows the picture with regard to intermodal transport, which has grown in double digits for the last few years and keeps being viewed as the future of freight services. – The share of intermodal transport in the whole of the railway freight transport market – as measured by weight – rose by more than 11% in the last year. It allows for prognosis of further stable rise of this most effective transport mode – estimates President Góra. The report also provides data with regard to main sea freight terminals and intermodal terminals. The publication also includes an analysis of transport services in Poland as compared to Europe.

This report was created based on the data submitted to UTK by the railway undertakings and forms a supplement as well as broadens the frequently published statistics, analyses and publications.

The report (Polish version only) may be found on the UTK website at this link. English version will be published shortly.

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