Position of the President of Office of Rail Transport on the reporting of incidents by railway siding’s users


The President of Office of Rail Transport (Urząd Transportu Kolejowego, UTK) explains how serious accidents, accidents and incidents on railway sidings should be reported. The position of the President of UTK should dismiss any doubts on the part of railway sidings’ users and informs about the legal responsibility when such obligation is not fulfilled.

Once such incident occurs, the railway employee is obliged to report it personally, and when it’s not possible, it should be done through other persons. An incident is to be reported immediately by whatever means at the reporting person’s disposal. In case of incidents that have occurred on a railway siding they should be reported to the user of the railway siding.

The siding’s user, who has been informed of an incident on its premises, is obliged to immediately report the occurrence to:

  • members of the railway commission on the part of the siding’s user;
  • President of the National Commission on Examination of Railway Accidents;
  • relevant Regional Office of UTK, responsible for the area, where the incident took place.

Recently there have been numerous cases of informing about incidents by railway carriers, which perform the handling services of a siding on behalf of its owner. Having analysed the regulations it should be noted that a report about an incident may be filed by the siding’s operator (f.e. a railway carrier), however failure to report such an occurrence shifts the responsibility on the infrastructure manager (the siding’s user).

The details can be found in the “Position of the President of UTK on the reporting of incidents by railway siding’s users” (Polish version only) on the UTK website.

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