Rail freight transport in October 2017


All three basic parameters of railway transport (weight, transport performance and operating performance) got increased in the January-October 2017 period compared to the same period of 2016 by more than 8%.

As far as weight is concerned, 198 m ton were transported (+8.7% or by 16 m ton more). Transport performance was at the level of 45.2 bn tkm (+8.2%) and operating performance 66 m train-km (+8.1%).

In October 2017 the weight of transported cargo amounted to 21.7 m ton and transport performance to 5 bn tkm, which is a very high and unseen for years value for this month. In October 2017 freight trains in Poland traveled 7 m km and the average distance of transport of 1 ton of cargo was 231 km.

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