Annual report on railway market and traffic safety for 2015


UTK published the report on Polish railways in 2015.

The report covers an assessment of rail market operations and rail traffic safety in 2015, with comparison to the previous years. It’s the fifth annual report translated into English in order to bring the functioning of the Polish railway market and traffic safety closer to English speaking public. The document is a precise diagnosis reflecting the current condition as well as the perspectives for the development of the railway market in Poland. In particular the report describes the following topics and issues:

In the field of market analysis:

  • structure and size of passenger and freight transport,
  • railway infrastructure market, including the effectiveness indicators, the analysis of access charges and railway infrastructure quality and availability assessment,
  • the role of market regulator and the scope of regulatory decisions concerning the access to the railway infrastructure,
  • passenger and freight transport, railway infrastructure and competition between transport modes in the European Union.

In the field of traffic safety:

  • railway occurrences in railway traffic, including their tendencies and conditionings,
  • analysis of the railway events,
  • safety on railway crossings,
  • vandalism within the railway network,
  • supervision over railway market unit.

You can find the report here.

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