The report "Polish railway market in 2011" was created in order to bring closer to English-speaking public functioning of the Polish railway market in 2011 and in the preceding years. Data concerning passenger and freight transport as well as access to infrastructure on the Polish and European level is included in the report describing in particular topics and issues such as:


  • diagnosis of condition and characteristics of railway transport market,
  • competition between the modes on the transport market in Poland and Europe,
  • Polish railway undertakings and infrastructure managers,
  • Polish railway market structure,
  • structure of the rolling stock held by railway undertakings,
  • volume and efficiency indicators on the railway market,
  • railway transport licensing,
  • quality indicators of the passenger railway transport,
  • issues concerning the protection of passengers rights and the role of the President of the Office of Rail Transport in this area
  • granting access to the railway infrastructure for railway undertakings by infrastructure managers,
  • level of charges for access to railway infrastructure,
  • the quality of the Polish railway infrastructure.


Download the report "POLISH RAILWAY MARKET IN 2011" (PDF)



Analysis Unit in the Department of Regulation of Railway Market

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