Market regulation and licensing

In this section, you will find information about the tasks and activities of the President of UTK in the fields of: regulating access to railway infrastructure, approving charges for the use of infrastructure, licensing of railway undertakings and assessing public transport plans.

In scope of the regulation of rail transport, the tasks of the President of UTK include:

  • approval and coordination on charges setting for the use of train paths allocated to railway infrastructure in terms of compliance with the rules of setting these charges,
  • supervision on the provision of non-discriminatory access to the railway infrastructure by  rail operators, including operators established in one of Member States,
  • supervision on an equal treatment of rail operators by all infrastructure managers, in particular when processing applications for allocating train paths and charges’ payments,
  • supervision on proper determination by the infrastructure manager basic charges for the use of railway infrastructure and additional charges for additional services,
  • complaints investigation on rail operators concerning the Network Statement and train path allocation and charging for the use of railway infrastructure,
  • collecting and analyzing information related to rail transport market,
  • giving opinions on draft transport plans for the passenger rail transport,
  • giving opinions on draft public service contracts,
  • supervision of the conclusion of contracts for the provision of rail infrastructure,
  • cooperation with the competent authorities in the area of dealing with the application of monopolistic practices by managers and railway operators and coordinating the functioning of the railway market and abiding the passengers rights,
  • imposing fines under the terms of the Act,
  • issuing open access decisions,
  • consideration of issues related to occasional carriage of passengers
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